Facebook group saves
L.A. Times metro section

Newspaper is powerless against website's 'Save the California section' page. Other Facebook groups have successfully ended world hunger and eliminated improper use of 'your' vs. 'you're'
By Rosie Susannahblatt, Reporting from myspace.com
When Facebook groups speak, people listen. That's why skid row encampments vanished almost overnight after Facebook users launched an "End Homelessness" group. And why death penalty prosecutions surged in response to the site's "If you can't differentiate between 'your' and 'you're' then you deserve to die" group.

The latest manifestation of Facebook power involves L.A. Times publisher Eddy Hartenstein, who today succumbed to pressure from the social network's "Save The L.A. Times California Section" page.

"When 2,213 Facebookers, many of them current or former L.A. Times writers, unite behind a cause, resistance is futile," Hartenstein said.

In related news, Exxon slashed oil prices in response to Facebook's "1 Million Strong for Lower Gas Prices," China acquiesed to a "Free Tibet" group and Animal Planet revamped its programming to comply with "The Puppy Bowl Should Be 24/7/365."

"Facebook has become almost as influential as bumper stickers in swaying public opinion," said Harvard history professor Jeremy Smith, who converted to Christianity because he saw a Jesus sticker on a car.

L.A. Times publisher Hartenstein's decision to preserve a standalone section for state and local news caused jubiliation in the newsroom – until editors announced plans to beef up coverage of carmelized onions (which recently topped Obama's inauguration as most-emailed story) and college underwear runs (the paper sent four reporters to UCLA's latest undie sprint).

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