Tribune converts DC bureau
into rockin’ AC/DC bureau

By Doyle McGerstenbauer, Staff Writer
In a move that shook the journalism world all night long, Tribune Co. has replaced its stodgy Washington D.C. bureau with a totally rad AC/DC bureau.

"Let's face it, stories about congressional perks and Pentagon cost overruns don't hold a candle to articles about heavy metal guitarist Angus Young," said Tribune innovation chief Lee Abrams. "Have you seen the way he wails on guitar in concert? It's freakin' awesome!"

Abrams noted that AC/DC's newest album, "Black Ice," was No. 1 on the charts in the U.S., Argentina and Belgium. And the band's older albums are outselling Beatles records.

"Can anyone in Congress outsell the Beatles?" Abrams asked. "I don't think so!"

According to internal memos, the 12-person AC/DC bureau will include music writers embedded with the band's world tour, fashion critics to write about Angus Young's schoolboy outfits, and a transportation writer focusing on "Highway to Hell" developments.

Political coverage in Tribune newspapers will now come from wire services and

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