Time for Plan B

Partners: How can I put this gently? $%!# you!

There, I said it. Unfortunately, our finances are in the $#!%house, so we have to make some adjustments to our original plan. You know how professors sometimes warn students at the beginning of a semester, "Look at the person on your left, and then the person on your right, because by the end of the class, one of you won't make it"? Well, let me explain Tribune's Plan B this way: Look at the co-worker on your left, and then the one on your right. By the time we're done, both of them will be #@!%ed, and so will you!

Random thought on a Thursday morning


New house rules

Working at Tribune means accepting a creative, quirky, intelligent, odd, $%*#ing humorous, diverse, opinionated and sometimes #&@%ing annoying @#%& atmosphere. It means accepting that sometimes you might hear a #@%&ing word that you, personally, wouldn't ever !$*&ing use in a million %&*!ing years. If you don't like it, Tribune encourages you to go $%*& yourself, because a loose, fun, non-%@#$ing-linear atmosphere is gosh-darned important to the creative process.

Our Little Blogger

Sam Zell gnomeSam Zell is a real estate tycoon and news media revolutionary known for his gentle demeanor, elegant speech and abiding respect for women. Born in Chicago, he recently took over the Tribune Co., where he has set the stage for a journalism renaissance powered by maps, graphics and lists. His hobbies include 19th-century Russian literature, harpsichord music and scrapbooking. His insights on the newspaper business, some of which are excerpted on this blog, will be published next spring by Cambridge University Press.


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