Bill Clinton suspends his marriage
so he can ‘work on the economy’
Inspired by McCain's campaign hiatus, former president and other celebrities halt normal activities to help fix financial crisis. Jolie gives up adopting babies; Winehouse suspends heroin addiction.
By Lane Kiffin, Staff Writer
Although Barack Obama rejected John McCain's call for a campaign timeout to help solve the nation's financial mess, dozens of other Americans took heed. The list includes:

• Bill Clinton: Former president said he was "suspending my marriage to Hillary so I can work on the economy. In the 1990s, when I previously suspended my marriage, the economy did great."

• Bret Favre: On-again, off-again NFL quarterback said he would again retire, this time to help develop subprime mortgage legislation.

• Angelina Jolie: Said she would suspend adopting babies and consider adopting Washington Mutual or Morgan Stanley. Immediately after Jolie's announcement, Bill Clinton invited her to join his "economic advisory panel."

• Amy Winehouse: Singer promised to suspend her heroin addiction.

• "American Idol": Show's producers said they would suspend normal talent auditions and instead invite Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Congressman Barney Frank to sing solutions for the nation's economic woes, and let viewers choose the best plan.

• San Diego Padres: Baseball team suspended the rest of its season, saying it was more important to fix the economy than to win the pennant.

• Ryan Clancy: High school freshman from Cleveland said he would suspend taking out the trash so he could brainstorm economic solutions. In response, his parents said they would suspend his allowance.