Colts receiver tweets pass route
while running it, gets intercepted

Reggie Wayne's Super Bowl update gets him fired and replaced by Betty White.
The Skipper and one of Lost's Others
The debate over athletes using Twitter intensified today when Indianapolis Colts receiver Reggie Wayne admitted tweeting his pass route during the Super Bowl.

In recent months, several pro players have been fined over social media use. But this is the first time an athlete's tweet has cost his team a game.

While running a "stick" route late in the 4th quarter, Wayne used Tweetdeck to update followers on his whereabouts. But the post was seen by a New Orleans Saints linebacker, who retweeted it to teammates and spurred an interception.

"I'm one of Wayne's biggest Twitter fans," the linebacker said. "His tweets are hilarious."

In related news, the Colts fired Wayne, replacing him with wide receiver Betty White.

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