Little big screen
By Truman Burbank, Staff Writer
Hoping to ride the coattails of Hollywood's latest blockbusters, three cable TV networks are retooling old shows.

Next month, the Food Network will launch "Iron Chef Man," pitting top cooks against a robotic chef who can slice, dice and julienne from 50 paces. In addition to a 3-horsepower blender skull, motorized rolling-pin arm and chest timer, Iron Chef Man's armored suit features an index-finger brulee torch and thigh-bone rotisserie spit.

Meanwhile, TV Land has begun digitally altering episodes of "Leave it to Beaver" so that Wally (roll your cursor over the photo at right) looks like
, the star of Pixar's smash summer film. Pixar could not be reached for comment.

Also on the drawing board is HBO's answer to Showtime's "Big Love" polygamy series. HBO ordered 12 episodes of "Sect and the City," a sitcom that chronicles the adventures of four Texas polygamy cult members in New York City.

Iron Chef Man