Palin doll accuses Obama toy
of being anatomically incorrect
By Barbara Millicent Roberts, Staff Writer
The war for the White House took a strange turn today when politician action figures began attacking each other.

A Sarah Palin doll threw the first punch, telling a Virginia crowd that the Barack Obama action figure is anatomically incorrect.

"The real 'bridge to nowhere' is behind Obama doll's zipper," the miniature Republican said. "He doesn't have the cojones to lead our nation."

Mini-Obama reacted swiftly. When newspaper reporters activated his voice chip, the Democratic doll said, "Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. Palin's chest is totally plastic."

Meanwhile, third-party action figure Ralph Nader denounced both dolls, saying they are made of carcinogenic plastic and are potential choking hazards to small children. The Nader toy is made of 80% recycled plastic and 20% hemp, a campaign spokesdoll said.
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