Obama unleashes attack ads – against himself
Blowouts aren't fun for either side, he says after new polls show McCain losing badly. Republicans insist they don't want Obama's charity and launch anti-McCain spots.
By Tomas Dewey, Staff Writer
Complaining that John McCain and Sarah Palin are "making it way too easy for for me to win this election," Barack Obama has decided to go negative – against himself.

"Anyone who plays sports knows it's never fun when the other team is completely inept," Obama said. "My new ads will level the playing field and give the American people the nail-biting contest they deserve."

One of the new commercials features the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's "God damn America" sermon intercut with footage of Obama smiling and nodding. Another brags about O.J. Simpson's endorsement of Obama.

In addition, Obama said he would come to the next presidential debate blindfolded and with one hand tied behind his back. He also promised to "let McCain have Nevada" and urged the news media to "actually be objective for a change" in covering the election.

Republicans denounced Obama's new tactics. "We don't need your handouts or pity," said McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt. "If we win, we want it to be because Americans support the failed policies of the past, not because of Obama's 'affirmative action' program giving us a leg up."

To counter Obama's self-attack strategy, McCain launched two ads of his own. One, modeled after MasterCard's "priceless" commercials, pokes fun at running-mate Sarah Palin's inexperience. Democrats quickly fired back with an anti-Obama "priceless" parody (roll cursor over the ad at left) that emphasizes how beholden he is to Wall Street.

The other GOP ad (upper right) mocks McCain's age.

In related news, third-party presidential candidate Ralph Nader slammed Obama and McCain for engaging in "gutter politics," but said the move left him little choice but to buy ads criticizing himself for siphoning votes from Al Gore in 2000.

Not everything McCain and Obama said was shown on TV. Read our exclusive transcript.
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