One-word website gets movie deal
Film version of will star Tom Cruise.
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Hollywood's fascination with trendy websites and blogs heated up today when Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks got into a bidding war for the movie rights to, a site that informs visitors whether or not it's Christmas.

Paramount ultimately prevailed, paying $20 million to adapt the tersely worded website into a feature-length film starring Tom Cruise and directed by Martin Scorsese.

"It's going to be a terrific movie," said studio spokesman Gary Bischoff. "Every time I log onto Is It Christmas, I get all tingly wondering if today is the day. That sense of drama and suspense should be even more palpable on the big screen."

Although fans of the website fear its style will be compromised to please movie audiences, Scorsese promised the script would closely follow the prose of the original.

Shooting is set to begin in France this summer.

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Story idea: Susie Losi Huber

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