Hurricane Ike arrested in Ottawa
Gustav also captured – while applying for wind tunnel position at Caltech.
By Phil Connors, Staff Writer
Hurricane Ike, disguised as scattered thundershowers, was arrested this morning outside a Starbucks in downtown Ottawa, authorities said.

Hurricane Gustav is also in jail after applying for work as a wind tunnel at Caltech. A university employee alerted police after recognizing the weather system from an episode of "America's Most Wanted."

Both weather systems face charges of assault, homicide, destruction of property, and disrupting the Republican National Convention. If convicted, the twisters could be eligible for parole in 2012. However, criminologists say hurricanes rarely cause any trouble after being released.

"Most go on to lead productive lives, often as gas station car washes," said Jerome Whitaker, a professor at Rutgers. "In one case, a killer hurricane converted to Christianity in jail, got released for good behavior and became a respected blowhard congressman from Ohio."