Bristol Palin's fetus speaks at Republican convention
Unborn Alaskan electrifies crowd with blistering attack on Democrats. ‘I'm not even born yet and I already have as much executive experience as Obama,’ it says.
By Barry Z. Markabak, Staff Writer
In a surprise appearance at the GOP convention, the future grandchild of vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin rallied Republicans last night with a spirited defense of conservative pro-life values.

"John McCain is the only candidate who guarantees my right to enter this world, receive a wacky first name like the other Palin children, and eventually die in an Iraq war that will still be underway 18 years from now," the developing offspring said.

Speaking to delegates in utero, the unborn child of vice presidential daughter Bristol Palin also slammed the Democratic ticket. "I'm not even out of the womb and I already have as much executive experience as Barack Obama," it said.

But the gestational GOPer's biggest laugh came after it lifted a joke used by its future grandmother. "What's the difference between a Palin fetus and a pit bull?" the unborn Alaskan asked. "Amniotic fluid."

The fetus then paused and added, "Now I've plagiarized as many times as Joe Biden."

Not everything McCain and Obama said was shown on TV. Read our exclusive transcript.
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