L.A. Times apologizes for linking Sean Combs to JFK assassination
By Ruby Jackson, Staff Writer
JFK Sean Diddy Combs
Oops, they did it again. For the second time this year, the Los Angeles Times has retracted a story that connected hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs to a high-profile shooting.

In April, the newspaper apologized for hinting that Combs ordered an attack on rap artist Tupac Shakur in 1994. The mea culpa was issued after TheSmokingGun.com pointed out that a key document in the article should have been spotted as a hoax.

Now, the newspaper is backtracking again, this time on its claim that Combs met with Lee Harvey Oswald two hours before President John F. Kennedy was gunned down in 1963. The Times based its story on data retrieved from Oswald's PalmPilot.

After The Smoking Gun pointed out that PalmPilots weren't invented until the 1990s – and that, technically speaking, Combs wasn't alive in 1963 – the Times launched an internal investigation. Two days later, the paper retracted the article.

When the JFK accusation originally appeared, Combs said it was "a lie" and immediately ordered his associates to liquidate the Times writers and editors responsible. But after the newspaper's apology, Combs said he would probably just sue for libel instead.

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