Presidential debate outtakes!
By Bob Sloegin, Staff Writer
Not everything that Barack Obama and John McCain said during Friday's snooze-fest made it onto the airwaves. Here's a transcript of the flubs and gaffes that got edited out:

Jim Lehrer: Sen. McCain, how can you label yourself a maverick when you voted to support President Bush's policies 90% of the time? You get two minutes to reply.

McCain: I am suspending my campaign for the next two minutes so that I can work on saving our nation's economy.

Lehrer: Sen. Obama, why should anyone believe you're an agent of change when you've taken $12 million in campaign contributions from Wall Street?

Obama: Are you kidding me, Jim? Didn't you get the memo that all journalists are supporting my campaign and avoiding tough questions?


Lehrer: Sen. McCain, how do you respond to Barack Attack's statement that you voted 23 times against alternative energy, like solar, wind and biodiesel.

No one from Arizona is against solar. Well, no one except me. I got melanoma from the sun, and I can never forgive the evil solar blob for that.


Lehrer: Sen. Obama, your campaign has been ridiculing Sarah Palin for things like not knowing what the Bush Doctrine is. How is that stupider than Joe Biden's recent statement that, in 1929, President Franklin Roosevelt went on TV to explain the stock market crash? Television hadn't even been invented, and Herbert Hoover was still president.

Obama: Seriously, Jim, what's with the tough questions? The media is supposed to be totally in the tank for me.

Bristol Palin's fetus talks. Obama-vision eyeglasses. Trojan camel tricks. And a bailout for TV's "Deal or No Deal."