Palin urges ‘Trojan camel’ trick to defeat Al Qaeda
By Helen Troy, Staff Writer
Hoping to quell fears that she lacks foreign policy expertise, Sarah Palin unveiled plans to combat Middle East terrorists with "a giant wooden camel on wheels," modeled after poet Virgil's legendary Trojan horse.

"It's genius," she said. "We find out where Al Qaeda is hiding, then roll the camel up to their cave and wait. They'll think it's a gift and bring it inside, not realizing we've hidden 200 U.S. Marines in the camel's belly. Once the terrorists fall asleep, the Marines climb out and kill them."

Democrats ridiculed Palin's proposal.

"A Trojan camel?" snickered Barack Obama. "What an idiot. In contrast, my plan calls for using thermal surveillance to locate Al Qaeda hideouts in Afghanistan, then sending Special Forces troops to the area dressed like officials from Publisher's Clearinghouse. When the terrorists come out to collect their sweepstakes prizes, we capture them and bring them back to America for lengthy trials, book deals and early parole."

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