Downloadable Yoko breaks up avatar Beatles
Rock Band video game crashes after virtual Ono invades White Album songs. Also, cartoon Eric Clapton steals George Harrison's wife.
By William Shears, Staff writer
Beatles Rock Band with Yoko
After months of hype from writers who couldn't resist loading their reviews with lame song title puns ("You'll play eight days a week!"), the Beatles Rock Band game bit the dust today when a virtual Yoko Ono infiltrated the animation and broke up the group.

Game developers said the Ono avatar dodged Rock Band's firewall by coming in through a bathroom window, protected by a silver spoon.

Yoko Ono avatarIt was one of several snafus plaguing the video game. In addition to a cartoon Eric Clapton stealing George Harrison's wife during the "White Album" sessions, virtual FBI agents began tailing the game's John Lennon character after he boasted that Beatles Rock Band was "bigger than virtual Jesus." And the original Paul McCartney avatar was reportedly killed in a car crash and replaced with a lookalike who can only write silly love songs.

Manufacturer Harmonix refused to offer refunds, saying, "We wanted to give people the full, realistic Beatles experience."

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