Deodorant-induced cannibalism?
Lawsuit claims chocolate-scented body spray provoked fatal nibbling.
By Theo Bromine, Staff Writer
The family of a man who was "torn apart like a chocolate Easter bunny" and devoured by hot young females has sued the makers of Dark Temptation, a cocoa-scented deodorant that allegedly provoked the attack.

Jeremy Switzer, 20, was fatally nibbled to death after dousing himself with .3 ounces of Axe body spray, LAPD officials said.

The gruesome death was captured on film by Switzer's college roommate, Ryan Beck.

"Jeremy was having fun at first," Beck said. "Girls who normally wouldn't give him the time of day were suddenly crawling all over him. Then everything spun out of control."

Police eventually arrested more than a dozen women on charges of misdemeanor cannibalism, assault with a fondue pot and first-degree murder. Meanwhile, federal officials are reviewing the case as a possible hate crime, because the alleged assailants were white and the victim was brown-skinned.

This morning, Switzer's parents filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Unilever, the British-Dutch company behind the body spray. "The ingredient list for this deodorant includes chocolate, frozen ginger, coriander, pear sorbet and whipped cream," said Switzer family attorney Gloria Allred. "How could Unilever not know something like this would happen?"

A Unilever spokesman said company officials couldn't comment because they were busy finishing their next product, a methamphetamine-flavored body spray called Eau d'909.