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The King and his girlfriend, who is now missing.
Cops blame creepy fast food character for a string of homicides.
EBay auction tops $9 billion as Indian casinos, Google and Al Qaeda bid on city.
Real estate slump spreads to pet homes. Animals begin defaulting on mortgages. Median ant farm price sinks to $62,000.
Heart attack kit costs far less than rivals, but looks suspiciously like car jumper cables.


A shocking twist on next season's "Lost" premiere: Charles Widmore works for... Thurston Howell III.

California/Local »

Pit bull chia pet mauls toddler

Health »

50 is the new 48, study says

Sports »

Sweden's Olympic fencing team killed in blimp mishap

Business »

Gillette debuts The Machete, a combo 11-blade razor and gardening tool

Food »

Lab analysis reveals the secret addictive ingredient in Pinkberry yogurt is Soylent Green

Political correctness trend also hits Knott's Berry Farm and L.A. County Fair.
Blue Man Wiz of Oz
Blu-ray orders massive DVD recall  
Translation error at China production plant converts movies to Blue MAN GROUP format.
Getty exhibit draws record crowds  
"Clowns on Velvet: The First 100 Years" is better than King Tut, says reviewer Christopher Knight.
Iron man race preview  
U.S. Olympic squad begins training in Spokane
Paris Hilton and dolphin
Court OK's heiress-dolphin marriages  
Paris Hilton celebrates ruling with fiance.
Avant-garde remodels and home decor you can't afford.
Sleep-inducing reviews of obscure books that most people wouldn't read even at gunpoint.

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